Been a while

Been a while since I’ve written on my blog. My new year’s resolution from 1918 has finally worked its way into my daily calendar. Hey, it’s hard being disciplined.

This 1950’s video is prescience with an exclamation point. Thanks to Lou Ochhi for sending it to me.

Like all prescience, the author’s and producer’s predictions don’t quite play out like they thought. They start out pretty much wrong. The ending, though, is incredibly correct. Right down to the year of 2020.

Not so much:

  • flying cars
  • electromagnets
  • household robots the size of a car

Almost on the nose:

  • loaf of bread device (a phone is not that big)

On the nose, the good stuff:

  • share your thoughts with the world
  • world-wide travel

And the very, very bad stuff they got on the nose?

  • Main Stream Media lies
  • Brainwashing
  • celebrity worship
  • rampant obesity
  • political election corruption
  • 2020 spread of a virus - whooooo, wow, oh my

There’s something about prescience being able to see the bad stuff pretty well, but
not the good stuff. In fact, the good stuff seems to always come from a technology point-of-view. It’s so 1950’s. 

In fact, the advances in human relationships, the slowing down of global warfare, and the global wave of democracy largely winning the struggles against socialism were not foreseen 70 years ago.

But, they also didn’t imagine abortion on demand, euthanasia as compassion, the prolific growth of sex-trade, forced migration increased globally, and the continued insistence upon racial identity politics in the face of racism’s decline. Bad stuff for sure, but there are tons of terrific human and social developments, along with amazing economic and research/development advances. We should concentrate on how good we’ve got it, frankly.

 Doomsday and Pollyanna’s points-of-view conflict for all kinds of logical reasons. Mostly, though, because progressives tend to see problems first, and conservatives tend to see solutions. One angle of thinking shudders at horror. Another kind of thinking works out how to fix things.

We’re faced with the problem of Doomsday/Pollyanna thinking from every entity, whether it’s just us or it’s a corporation. After we’ve worn ourselves out over a big problem, the next haunting issue has already risen to the surface of our attention. What are those things we’re now dealing with? Too much to discuss. There is one giant problem, however, that’s never gone away. 

I believe the elephant in every room since Cain killed Able remains the disintegration of how good and evil can be decided. The clash of confusing decision-making rests upon leaving God out of the moral and ethical influences within both governments and their nation’s avenues of commerce. 

God’s institutions and ours do not properly coincide.

What we have done most recently (over the past 100 years) in our institutions is replace absolute truths instilled into our soul by God with the installation of a creepy rationale for elitist management of the “common good.” 

I prefer to call it collectivism, rather than socialism or communism. These two entities have utterly failed. Collectivism has replaced them. Collectivism’s elitist controlled “common good,” a fluid made-up mission statement word salad, has won over ancient human institutions of old-fashioned autocratic leadership — including both despots and monarchies. That’s not really progress, of course, though the elites insist it is. No, it just looks like it.

Collectivism has maintained the suppression of the divine interaction, involvement, and interruption of sin’s power over the world. Emphasis upon the divine. Just like the rule of despots, and the magically concocted divine monarchies of the last 6,000 years, Collectivism rules the roost. 

I note that my definition of collectivism is foisted upon us by both wealthy and “smart” elitists (one begets the other) who control information and the electoral process. Information in a digital age in 2020 and going forward means global reality cannot be recorded, and then reflected back to us, without elitist manipulation. The electoral process no longer rests on a sacred count of votes. Probably nowhere.

Collectivism is not really classic socialism or communism, as we’re familiar with it. It’s a new Big Brother control, crowd-based with individual brainwashing behavior modification. When challenged, Collectivism resorts to its fascist spawn - a primed hoard of terrorists ready to implement thuggery at every dissent. 

It sounds just like the operations born out of Hegel, Marx, Castro, and Mao type autocrats. It’s really close, as the Squad witnesses it. Yet, in its media-borne mode, it appears different when we’re living within Collectivism’s grip. It’s more coffee clatch domination than boot-jacked oppression. For now.

Where does that leave us? Where we’ve always been. Temporary travelers on a time-constrained 120-year maximum life cycle. One where God works through everything, every sin, every life and death, and every single person, animal, plant, and cosmic particle. He works his goodness to draw us to him. His grace and blessings still cover the earth. Whether we know it or not, he’s doing his thing to our personal advantage. Sometimes he uses group advantage, regional advantage, and even national advantage. The personal, though, is most important. He loves each of us first, not as groups or regions or nations. 

If we ultimately reject this as just a faulty notion, we face blindness in the consequential entrance into our next life. That entrance takes place here. Bizarre, but true. God is not absent. Nor is he nefarious. Our blindness, if successfully cauterizing us from the light of the next life, can be complete if we insist. 

Until our individual passing, the world is what we have to deal with, either in cooperation with God, or in denial. Denial requires a buttoned-down, clamped down, chained up, and drowned out will. We have the capacity. Acceptance requires any kind and any level of desire for just such a God of love and eagerness to live in our very being. 

Perhaps the time of the Gentiles has not yet finished, and the recognition of the Messiah is still far, far off. Meaning, we have time to accept, as a world. I’m not sure. My prescience is limited to my interactions with the God who wants to embrace me. I don’t know. I can only wonder, accept, hope, receive, act as I believe he wants me to, and wait.

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