Are you looking for home, like us?

Who are we? We can't find our home. We are looking for clarity and faithfulness. Our vision is impaired, though, often at our own hands. 

This website is for the religiously affiliated, religiously formed, and religiously worried. It is for those of us who struggle to take our relationship to God into community. Affiliation, formation, and worry offer hope for us, confirming that we are not 

Which comes first? Home or faith ....

They are symbiotic

Jesus Christ did not just establish the Christian[1] community of faith, he continually nourishes it. All of it. Faith in Jesus means being home. In our search for home, then, we find him. Trusting that Jesus can do this, bring us home, aligns us with God's purpose for us -- to be his children, his brothers and sisters, his co-creator.

The homeless forget (or never knew) the trust relationship that Jesus offers us. He is not a vice president of operations, or the traveling salesman for God. He is fully God. When our trust in Jesus' total commitment to us falters we substitute ourselves or some other person or thing in which we have trust. What follows from our substitutions is failure because they are only substitutes and cannot compete with the relationship Jesus offers. So, our faltering turns into homelessness. It's difficult for many of us to remember that Jesus loves us. The evidence is overwhelming, but we've put it into a closet.

(more on religious homelessness)

[1] We speak here (on this website) of all Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, as “Catholic,” or people of the way. The Holy Spirit gathers all Christians. We are the whole of the people of God. While many of us can distinguish the denominational differences and theological weights and measures that separate particular beliefs of Christians, we consider them all gathered. Religious homelessness exists both within and without every Christian faith expressions. Our discussions here do not winnow out the faithful to Jesus Christ as Catholic and non-Catholic. We leave the winnowing to others. It's the ultimate task of the angels, anyway. 

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