Since this website is primarily directed toward believers, albeit believers who may not be at home in their Christian faith, we would like to clarify that homeless Catholics have little in common with nullifidians, other than a questioning nature which can look very much like a commitment to skepticism. A nullifidian is a person of no faith, and no religion, due to their skepticism for both. A homeless Catholic may exhibit patterns of skepticism, however, that harm their ability to be open to shared conversation. 

Nullifidians refuse to accept both a faith and the community expression of faith, which is the gathering aspect of religion. A homeless Catholic struggles with certain elements of their faith, and subsequently, feels at odds with a community of faith. We probably all experience some measure of religious homelessness. Nullifidians reject any community gathered by God and built upon a common faith because God does not exist, and therefore cannot communicate with his followers.

Few of us can fully operate as nullifidians due to the constant required rejection, a very tiresome behavior. Skepticism can creep into our lives, though, wearing us down, even though we refuse to reject our faith.

Truly Sceptic? 

A person of no faith and no religion does not necessarily have to be a skeptic. A true nullifidian accepts a spiritual formation centered on skepticism of all things religious. A truly nullified spiritual person must be a willing nullifidian, convicted by their own desire.

Anyone who nullifies belief in both God and religious community due to the formation from another may not really  be a nullifidian. Not until they formally, and willingly, choose to be one. Uncommitted skeptics are "sitting between two chairs" as an old Romanian friend describes it. They sit nowhere.

Such folks may simply not have experienced the authentic witness of a committed Christian.

Measured by Prayer 

A nullifidian will, probably, not be affected positively by anything here. Us poorly formed Catholics, or egocentric Christians, or inadequately constructed believers, still yearning to be properly faith-filled, work hard at discovering God and finding like-minded believers to pray with.

This does not mean that any sort of believer should disregard a nullifidian. It is the believer's charge to pray for such folks. Prayer is not a nullifidian exercise, but it is ours, filling the spiritual airways with calls for grace and mercy.

That is, of course, unless we are a truly, abject Homeless Catholic, who is so engrossed in our own short-circuited religious issues as to be almost incapable of praying for others.

Familial Outcomes

A Nullifidian's spouse and children will need to fend for themselves spiritually. Their circumstances lack marital partnership in a faith, and both spouses and children are not just on their own, but of no consequence to the nullifidian.

Perhaps they can find solace and encouragement here?

Children living in the world of a religious skeptic deal with constant leveling of joy and pain. Neither can probably be adequately experienced. 

Consequently, nullifidian notions of witness or testimony, a necessary human fallout of being alive and expressing our relationship to life itself, take negative paths of skepticism. This affects the harmony of a household, which requires outputs of love.

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