Awakening from a Homeless Stupor


We all see glimpses of God in the universe, and catch glances of his people living eager, loving, and forward looking lives. How can we not? These moments mount up, and if we consider their importance, the glances reflect a yearning, a longing. We want to know what God has in mind for us. Don't we belong to God, too?


Few of us escape ravages of health gone awry. The drip, drip of time is our life slipping away. The decays and slowly taken away losses are opportunities to converse with our maker, wondering what the dickens is this time for? If we are eternal beings, then why this pain, these debacles? 


Time away, off by ourselves, affects each of us differently, yet we almost always face reflection. We see ourselves in a mirror, and we hear a voice tell us that we are loved. Do we accept it, or shake it off? Sometimes retreat comes in 15 minute increments. At rare times we get 2 weeks. What happens to us, then? We feel like birds, wandering, or wildebeests, eating on the move. We don't want it to end. And, then, we are driven to return to the drumbeat of things, the clock. God is in both places, but he seems to stand out more when we stand still.


Every experience of love, in friendship, caring for others, romance, and crisis, wraps us in an envelope, reminding us that we are mystical, transcendent beings. What the heck do we do with that? It hurts, it excites, it nourishes, and it drys us up. Dear God, is that what you suffer with us? How do you handle it?


Emotional extremes come upon us like unnoticed cliffs. Will the fences stop us? Do the signs halt our advance? Are others following us? Is this what God's anger is like, or am I just going crazy? Yes, God is with us, but is he pulling on our collars to hold us back, or holding our hand as we leap? We've got to find out what God will do about this ...


Glimpses, disease, retreat, love and rage mean we are closing in on the answers to finding our home. 

We're more than ready. 

We're at the door, knocking. 

Now what?

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