Folks to Thank

My six children - Jocelyn, Jeffrey, Jillian, Julia, Judith, and Jenelle - my true report, eager supporters, and probably why life was created.

My wife, Joanne - love of my life, lover of children, lovely person, bastion of pro-life causes, and my constant compadre and companion.

Dan Baker - a good friend, theologian, fellow (and way better) introvert, homeless Catholic visionary, newly minted professor, and diviner of errors.

Steve Hall - a new, everlasting friend, fellow homeless Catholic, extraordinary minister, exceptional homilist, and clarifier of statements.

Ronda Chervin - my favorite undergraduate professor, author, dear friend, consecrated widow, and amazing augur of all things Catholic.

Jerry Derloshon - my first adult pal, best adolescent friend, filmographer, author, and compassionate writing peer.

Norman McGraw - long life brother from a different mother, urgent inspiration to finish the book, musician, and dearest family friend.

Bob O'Gorman - my favorite graduate professor, author, loving friend, keen asker of questions, and insightful purveyor/critic/defender of the faith.

Pete Michelin - loving friend, Bronco buddy, early reviewer, kind critic, mystical Christian, and remarkably eager befriender of the pained.

Deacon Chuck Specht - my oldest favorite retired living deacon, successful online hermit, faithful faith-filled family man, and original provocateur to write "I thought you already finished" this book.

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