New Testament Scriptures 

For Homeless Catholics

Scripture will parlay our losses into winnings. To parlay scripture is not really to place a bet, but to engage in an agreement with God to be transformed. Even if we sit on a heating vent outside of Church, ragged in our worldly clothing, reading scripture opens the conduit that God has already placed into our heart, and clothes us in a pure mantle, presentable for God's eager conversation with us.

"Sixty-six books, plus the Apocrypha, sit waiting for us. Where do we start?"

God has an incredible talent for directing us to the right place to read from the living Word. Many of us have found comfort in our loss of a faith home, awakened to God's voice, and we each have our favorite verses, chapters, and books. With such a vast library of options to choose from, sixty-six books in both the new and the old testaments, plus the wisdom and transitionary books found in the Apocrypha, we wonder where to start. They all sit waiting for us. Where does God want us to start?

1 John

My personal favorite is the first letter of John - 1 John. It is short (four chapters), succinct, riveting for the religious homeless, and easy to pick up and read often.  


We are no longer strangers to God, but fellow citizens with the holy ones and members of the household of God. Important stuff.



Parables and the Kingdom are explained in sharp words, but with hope for those who want to be faithful. Great place to spend time studying, praying, and listening to God.

Revelation 22

Best ending of any book, ever. It's the vision that Jesus gave us, not something made up in a Sci-Fi novel. This is what we're waiting for, and what we will see. 

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