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Follow the way of the Lord
Lou Occhi - If we have a strong relationship with the Lord, the commandments will take care of themselves.
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Lies build a fictitious world
Steve Hall - Make a lie big enough and tell it often enough and people will believe it.
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Are you telling the truth?
John Pearring - We should mean what we say at all times and, therefore, be harbingers of the truth always.
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Mary's sorrows a model for our faith
Ron Bruni - The devotion to Mary's immaculate heart has its roots in the early church, but gained, prominence in the 17th century.
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When an analogy may help our faith
Ron Bruni - Paul's unwavering faith inspires us, the psalmist's continual praise fills us with hope, and Jesus's balance of divine purpose and earthly obedience
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I must be in my Father’s house
John Pearring - Jesus telling his parents after their three-day anxious hunt, noting calling God his Father had likely never been spoken before that moment.
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The price of faith
Norm McGraw - For stating his beliefs, Justin the Martyr was beheaded. Fortunately, the media hasn’t asked us to pay that price.
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Who he said he was
Steve Hall - We’re stuck with either-or: either Jesus was a charlatan or he was what he said he was. Today’s Gospel is consistent with this persistent problem.
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The dramatic spreading of the Church
Tim Trainor - Christianity, from being a tiny movement of a small number of Jews, is now a worldwide phenomenon.
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Decoding the Gospel
Steve Leininger - Jesus assured the 11 apostles that there is a great possibility that they will be persecuted in Jesus’ name, but don’t worry—he has their back

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