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The intriguing story of Daniel
Ron Bruni - It is a potent reminder that even in the darkest times, God is in control and will ultimately triumph over evil.
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Right now does matter
Steve Hall - All too often attention is given to what is revealed about the future as if satisfying our curiosity was something deserving of divine attention.
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We exhaust ourselves with escape mechanisms
John Pearring - The fantasy stories rely upon tragedy, with us trapped in a maze, because entrapment is authentic, eerily similar to our actual lives.
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We've got a lot to be thankful for
Norm McGraw - Jesus reminds us that we are His children. So, when you reflect upon that, you realize how much we’ve got to be thankful for.
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Are you misled about God & his scriptures?
John Pearring - Jesus answers the manufactured tale of a many-married woman in heaven by describing a crucial error in knowledge.
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We have hope with God in the world
Steve Hall - What is there if, as the Sadducees claimed, there is no resurrection, no life after this one. But we believe.
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He will find faith on earth
Lou Occhi - The many prayer groups throughout the world, our prayer group in particula, will ensure that when the Son of Man comes He will find faith on earth.
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Going to School with the Saints
Steve Leininger - As I began my quest for a deeper understanding of today’s alternate reading, I wondered why this is a memorial and not a feast.
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Clarity about honest & dishonest wealth
Steve Hall - Small matters vs great ones. What belongs to another vs what belongs to you.
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The Grace of Humility
Tim Trainor - Jesus tells us in God's Kingdom, the way up - is down. Anyone who lifts himself up will be brought down, and anyone brought down is lifted up.

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