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Homeless Catholic
A place for wandering Christ followers. We yearn to be at home with our faith, properly preparing for eternal life. (slide right to see Reflections)
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God knows our weaknesses
Norm McGraw - God knows how weak we humans can be. That’s why He continually prods us to be good.
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Angels allow what God allows
John Pearring - Angels aren’t afraid of demons. Leaving demons to do their dirty deeds, then, is something angels have to do.
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Will we ever learn?
Steve Hall - Has humanity progressed at all? Have we simply become more sophisticated in the ills and evils we continue to perpetrate?
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We are the light of the world
Lou Occhi - We have to become lights in the darkness that currently exists. We rejoice in the love of our God and spread that love in whatever our Lord wants.
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Assigned seats at Jesus' Feast?
Steve Hall -It is well known, however, that a claim of importance is not always evidenced in the life of one making that claim.
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Angels go where God is
John Pearring - God's Trinitarian persons are one thing (pun intended), but asking his followers to ingest his DNA to transform us is almost incomprehensible.
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Persistence is an important element of our faith
Tim Trainor - Do we desire the kind of faith that leads us to persist, as 2 Timothy suggests, whether it is convenient or inconvenient?
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Taxes and “dishonest wealth”
Steve Leininger - My “October Surprise” this year was a letter from Colorado state saying I owe them enough additional money to get my attention.
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In need of God's forgiveness
Tim Trainor - Without Christ’s passion, without his death on the cross, man never would have managed to understand the apparent paradox.

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