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Homeless Catholic
A place for wandering Christ followers. We yearn to be at home with our faith, properly preparing for eternal life. (Hebrews 11:13-14)
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We learn to rely on our faith
Steve Leininger - Faith involves trusting in something you cannot explicitly prove. Faith is inseparable from trust, confidence God can and will do what he says
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Our yearning will be met
John Pearring - The promises keep coming, and there’s more to fulfill. We greet these coming promises from afar, knowing this life on earth is temporary.
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Fear and faith are not friends
Steve Hall - We might see Jesus calming the storm as a critique of our spiritual life where we turn to Jesus only in times of trouble.
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Our God Reigns!
Steve Hall - The teaching as recorded in Hebrews follows a common Jewish oratorical pattern, from the promise to the fulfillment.
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Is God really present in us?
John Pearring - We mistake his incredible presence for coincidence. God is not missing. We are.
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Every time we read scripture . . .
Norm McGraw - And as our faith grows, we feel His presence and His grace in our lives.
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Look for the divine meaning
Steve Hall - following the Ascension John would look for the divine meaning in what had transpired and what he, himself, had been a part of.
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Gotta regularly recharge our batteries
Lou Occhi - Like our weekly prayer sessions, there are also many other activities which keep our spiritual batteries charged.
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God acts in world history
Tim Trainor - The Savior is coming! His own son will act as witness and light-bearer to the loving kindness and merciful true mission of the great and holy one.

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