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Homeless Catholic
A place for wandering Christ followers. We yearn to be at home with our faith, properly preparing for eternal life. (Hebrews 11:13-14)
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Mercy is love's second name
Tim Trainor - While the Pharisee used his prayer to beat down others, the tax collector beats his own chest, further showing that he understands his own sin.
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Gaston and the Pharisee have common ground
Steve Hall - No one's slick as Gaston No one's quick as Gaston No one's neck's as incredibly thick as Gaston's
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We think we can’t go back to God
John Pearring - The context of who God is becomes the problem of dealing with the smote option that God can deploy. We interpret God’s correction over time.
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The Father is always with us
Steve Leininger - It is reassuring to hear that God is always with us and everything he has belongs to us.
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When is a penalty proper?
Steve Hall - Responsibility is always ours. It always belongs to the one who makes the decisions; and therefore we are guilty of being a sinful people.
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The Father delights in us
John Pearring - The father in the Prodigal parable expresses an eagerness to be present and loving throughout their whole lives. That’s the teaching for
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He would have died for me
Steve Hall - We are comfortable saying that Jesus died to take away the sin of the world; but now bring that truth home.
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A Legacy of faith
Norm McGraw - Jesus shows us our path to God and our ultimate happiness. After all, who better to show us the way to God than God?
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Jesus' commandment begs questions
Lou Occhi - Who is your neighbor ? How do you go about loving neighbors? It is easy to love a friend who is generous and loving. How about those who are not?

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