Bad Stuff

So, does God want us to get along with bad people, or just coexist? It’s clear that he hasn’t decided, yet, to eliminate badness. How does good survive amidst the evil? Three things must be true for that to happen:

  • Good must be stronger than evil.
  • Good will eventually overwhelm evil completely, because it is stronger.
  • Good can be killed off, because everyone dies, but if good is stronger then it must exist even after it is killed.

Consequently, good doesn’t coexist with evil, since it outlives it. It is stronger. It has a character of shrinking evil simply by existing. As good grows, which is its nature, it removes space for evil to operate. It fills space and time with its good character.

When good cowers, in other words, it joins evil, and loses its character. When good retreats from evil, it gives evil ground to fester. When good follows evil, it betrays its strength, and participates in the death knell of evil. For, evil does not grow in the sense that good does. It infects and destroys.

Evil and good do not want to die, but only good will survive death. It makes no sense for good to fear death, since death has been conquered. The death of good is merely the submission to the expectation of good’s survival. Evil does not die. It shrinks under the weight and expansion of good. Evil fears elimination. Good acknowledges its growth.

So, does God want us to get along with bad people, or just coexist? All evil will shrink in the face of goodness, even as it kills and destroys. People who operate with a good character face evil, grow more goodness, and fill space and time with their good character. 

It looks like good and bad people coexist or appear to get along with each other, but the force of good overwhelms as the evil destroys even itself. Evil does not embrace good. It strangles it. Good people do not embrace evil. They shrink it, and good grows where evil once stood.  

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