Injustice doesn't mean vengeance is OK

By John Armijo

This past week, I found myself falling down a dark rabbit hole of Netflix documentaries. I ended up watching one after another, all stories of tragedy, corruption and injustices. And at the end of all of these, the antagonist slipped away without facing the consequences of their actions. As you would imagine, these left me asking "how this could happen?" How is it that so many get away with so much without facing justice? I wish I had an answer. 

We often try to console ourselves with the idea that they will be judged by God and face the justice they deserve. And that's how I tried to settle my spirit after watching these. But it didn't feel right. I realized I was trying to pass my wish for vengeance on to God. 

It's so easy to cloak our hate under the veil of righteousness. Humility and forgiveness are the proper tools but are so difficult to use sometimes. Below is a link to an article that reflects on the struggle of injustices. I ask that you read it and pray to God for the strength and wisdom to always use the proper tools when confronted with an injustice.

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