Give glory to God

By John Armijo

I'm sitting in my living room watching Miracle on 34th Street and it got me thinking about the idea of heroes. Santa was probably one of the first heroes we had as children. As we grew up our heroes became sports stars, police and firemen, all the way to our adulthood when we might consider the saints our current heroes. Our heroes evolved over time becoming people less glamorous and more selfless and humble. 

We try to emulate our heroes, by offering our time and talents to those in need and foregoing recognition for our actions. In fact we are taught to give all glory to God. This can be a more difficult task than expected, which is why heroes are far and few between and worth our admiration. 

So let's explore what it means to give all glory to God. Below is a link to an article discussing the meaning of giving glory to God. I ask that you read it and reflect on your efforts to bring God's glory and try to be the hero you've always wanted to be. 

We Are Made for the Glory of God


NOVEMBER 28, 2017

One of the most common phrases I hear believers say is that we are made for the glory of God. True enough. But it wasn’t until I started writing — after many hours of prayer, Bible study, and research — that I realized that the meaning of this truth is not as clear to many as I had assumed.

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