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Homeless Catholic
A place for wandering Christ followers. We yearn to be at home with our faith, properly preparing for eternal life. (slide right to see Reflections)
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Fiddler on the Roof
Steve Leininger - Vanity of Vanities indicates a supreme degree of futility and emptiness. The phrase we use today could be “what’s the point?”
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Psalms provide needed hope
Steve Hall - A sense of futility is never a comfortable one. It’s discouraging. It’s disheartening. It could even lead us to despair. We seek a way out.
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Be imitators of me
John Pearring - Our Christian forbearers witnessed God incarnate, murdered, risen, and ascended. Yet, we have no photographs.
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Revisionist history
Steve Hall - I am attentive in trying to insure that all the seed lands on well prepared soil. We would expect that same care on the part of a sower in Jesus.
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Sensible people tune into God
John Pearring - Avoid idolatry. That’s Paul’s message. He lays his message on the podium before everything else. Avoid idolatry. Are we sensible people?
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From Chants to Missionary
Norm McGraw - Reflecting on Saint Gregory’s accomplishments in spreading the gospel and Saint Paul’s message to his fellow Christians.
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Sin refuses God's gifts
Lou Occhi - We are the foolish, the weak and the lowly. All the graces, talents and weaknesses God has given us are available to produce results for Him.
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We have one Father
Tim Trainor - We know that the Son of God never contradicts himself.
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Is Purgatory real?
Tim Trainor - He will sit as a refiner and of silver, he will purify the sons of Levi, refine them like gold and silver, the right offering to the Lord.

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