How did Brady cheat this time?

Once a cheater, always a cheater. So, how did Brady cheat this time to win his 5th Super Bowl ring? Obviously, he cheated. Here’s how.

First, his talent. It’s not fair. People like Brady, who have exceptional abilities that extend their playing years, rattle opposing teams with their legacy, and allow them to morph from defeat to success in a matter of minutes, should have governors applied to their abilities. We have the same problem in our schools. Students with excellence built into their bodies and brains should be bought down to the lowest common denominator. Winners like Brady cheat simply by exercising their God-given talents. People with photographic memories, or vaunted athletic prowess make fun of the limits that the rest of us must accept as reality.

Second, his natural ease with celebrity. Brady reeks of polish in both his reserved exuberance and uncanny resurgence in the face of scandal and distractions. This ability translates to the field. Even though he was knocked down several times, rushed often, and challenged at every turn, he returned to the QB controls as if nothing had happened. Celebrity genius should not be allowed to advance an athlete’s win column. When an athlete reveals his distaste with losing by bowing his head and steeling his jaw, projecting his refusal to be embarrassed, he should buck up and gracefully slide into defeat as an example to the bulk of society who will never accomplish more than 15 minutes of fame. Similar to Trump, Brady’s effortless success is both annoying and suspicious. Surely, he is manipulating the psyche of his own players, with a boundless confidence; and, manipulating the opposing players with doubt. It’s disturbing.

Third, his money. When Brady was young he began a regimen of physical discipline and healthy lifestyle that befits the struggling hero. Along with his talent and celebrity such discipline is no longer acceptable when the paychecks reached astronomical levels. While adoring fans can be excused for their panting praise, the skeptical sports audience knows that money ruins people. Brady should have fallen off the health wagon years ago. He turned his financial gains into a health investment plan that breaks the rules of the newly rich. Only the invisible wealthy can act with such discipline. Like the bulk of lottery winners, Brady should have sunk into bankruptcy with the more common combination of flaunting his wealth and ignoring the consequences.

Many other categories could properly describe Brady’s cheating nature - a loving family, close friendship with both ownership and his coaches, and equity with players at every position. Who does that? 

When Brady shook hands with Goodell, quite a few of us realized that Tom Brady is definitely a cheater. Something must be going on that rivals the sins of his past, because Brady has pulled the wool over the eyes of the eighth best football commissioner in NFL history. Goodell can smell a rat with his ears and his thoughts. Brady has confused one of the greatest minds in football inflation scienceism into believing that the Patriots won Super Bowl 51 fair and square. 

Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana will never again get a good night’s sleep, knowing that a talented and rich celebrity has exceeded their Super Bowl tallies by stealing a win that was not supposed to happen. More people wanted the Falcons to win than the Patriots. That’s a fact. Something is wrong with fairness when a guy like Brady can hoodwink both his team and the other team and win, over the objections of all those people in the stands, and the rest of us who had gotten our hopes up for his ultimate failure.

We can only hope that he’ll retire and put us out of our misery. 

Besides, he has shifty eyes.

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