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The passing of Andy McKee
John Pearring - I see him in Heaven escorting folks ahead of himself. Those newcomers probably thought he was one of the staff.
Incompetence isn't rewarded
Steve Hall - Jo’ash was only seven years old when he took the throne as king. Downhill from there.
Your joy will be complete
Tim Trainor - We Christianshave the privilege of open communication with the Father simply because we have come to love and believe in Jesus.
We follow our own cross
Lou Occhi - I try to follow Jesus, but there are times when I doubt Him, times when I betray Him, and times when I deny Him.
We got here, now what?
John Pearring - It"s frightening us that our nation was so heartily complicit in rationalizing the unwarranted execution of so many children.
From enemies to allies
Steve Hall - It is easy to forget that we live in a world that was once ruled by the power of evil. It is easy to ignore the battle raging around us.
Learn from the children
John Pearring - We won't be bothered by weather, insects, varmints, and catastrophes from fires or floods. Other days are coming, Amos tells his audience.
How I stopped swearing
Norm McGraw - Not only was it poor manners to swear in front of others, but it also didn’t seem to be psychologically healthy to do so even if I was alone.
Why the message of hope?
Steve Hall - Isaiah offers a promise that the current circumstance of God’s people is not, necessarily, their final destiny.
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